About Us

We will provide certified, licensed, and insured security guards. Our security guards complete in-service training regarding laws and defensive tactics. Our supervisors, at no charge, will visit the site on a continuous basis to ensure the agreed upon procedures for your site are being adhered too. A supervisor in on duty 24 hours a day 365 days a year to ensure there is no lapse in security at your site. We believe that a close relationship with the customer as well as our security officers are vital in maintaining a professional service for our customers.

Residential Patrol

A Trained Houston Security Patrol and Investigations security officer knows to look for signs of susceptibility to crime and offer advice to residents; such as keeping valuables out of sight, closing garage doors, an closing fence gates. Our security officers will be a dedicated set of eyes looking for suspicious people who are looking for targets. A security plan for your neighborhood, apartment complex, or community can be customized to meet your needs and requirements. Whether that be an armed or unarmed security officer, patrols, or gate guards. We will work with your policies to complete the task.

Low Income Housing

Our security officers are trained and equipped to handle a diverse range of issues. Please contact us to discuss how we can help to maintain or improve your property. We are prepared and equipped to help protect your property.

Bars, Taverns, and clubs

Our security officers will provide protection to your bar, restaurant, or tavern. We will help you provide protection to patrons and your employees who are working at and enjoying your establishment.


It is normal for restaurants to gather a large amount of cash, and people with malicious intent are aware of this. We partner with you to create a program that will provide you with armed or unarmed security guards that will help create an environment that is safe.

Crowd Control

Sporting events, concerts, political speeches, festivals, and parties. Houston Security Patrol and Investigations is ready to protect your event. We will meet with you to discuss your event and expectations in order to provide you with security officers that will help keep your event safe.

Executive Protection

Our personal protection security officers understand the importance of discretion, loyalty, and teamwork. They will conduct themselves with professionalism and integrity. Our personal protection officers will surpass your expectations.

High Profile Persons

Services can be provided for actors, actresses, celebrities, musicians, athletes, and public speakers. Some assignments may include accompanying to and from an event, social gathering, airport, party, or the airport. Discretion and effective protection is what our clients demand, and what we provide.